26 October 2010

Vintage Halloween Cards, 5 days to go...

Some seriously freaky little Jack O'Lantern Imps hanging around this Halloween Season.
Miss Baldwin, a Modern Witch of Endor, whatever that is supposed to be...
This freaky old witch is peeping on the little children at their Halloween party.
The nice witch atop her broom, sailing through the full moon, Halloween night.
Vintage Halloween, pumpkin smashers in old Farmer Ted's field—scram you kids!
Vintage Halloween Greetings: Please remove pumpkins from head before carving them.
Vintage produce label, Butterfly Brand Pumpkins.
Vintage Halloween Fun, ducking for apples. Think the youth of today would go for such wholesome fun?

12 October 2010

Vintage Halloween Classics

The halloween fairy puffing on the candle flame. Halloween poem printed on this vintage post card:Black cat and child playing on large pumpkin. Vintage Halloween greetings!
Vintage Jack O'lantern with children dressed in Halloween costumes. Trick or Treat!

Here is a batch of Halloween gems, Vintage holidays at their best. Vintage Card with sneaky children costumes and Jack O'lantern:
The Vintage witch upon her flying broomstick, black cats and evil owl will invite the Halloween spirits.
Vintage Halloween little boy and puppy peering at the row of spooky, October Jack O'lanterns:
Small clown costume on a child. Black cat running from pumpkin for a vintage Halloween laugh.
Halloween princess holding a pumpkin head. Vintage October holiday with beautiful woman and joker-like pumpkin heads.